Houthavens A'dam

De Rede Amsterdam

The canal houses of the twenty-first century are located in the Amsterdam Houthavens. Individuals and building groups were able to design their own dream home by the water. The result: a varied facade image with striking architecture. One of the properties is De Rede: consisting of 18 apartments of 36 m2 to 160 m2. The building consists of a parking garage with two residential towers above it. EversPartners was responsible for the structural calculations and drawings.

Ontwerp van de hoofddraagconstructie

During the design phase of the building, the neighbouring buildings were already under construction. This had consequences for the design and execution of De Rede. When making the calculations and drawings, we had to take into account the following points:

  • The new foundation piles had to be at a sufficient distance from the adjacent construction.
  • When calculating and drawing the construction, we had to take into account the crane that was placed on the foundation of the building during construction.
  • The floors had to be constructed as thinly as possible to keep the building height within the set requirements while still achieving 8 floors.

Challenges in the design of Houthavens

Stability wall

The stability wall of the high residential tower at the Houthavens had to be partly cut away at the parking garage because of the required free space. The stability wall has a cantilever in concrete (basement to 1st floor) and from the 1st floor to the 8th floor in lightweight concrete.

Cantilevered balconies

The execution of the cantilevered balconies, which was a technical challenge due to the high requirements for insulation and the thinly constructed floors.

Added value in BIM and 3D design

We were able to manage the challenges well by designing in 3D. By working in BIM, we were able to ensure that all constructions were feasible.


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