Scheepvaartmuseum foundation

Upgrade of the foudnation - Scheepvaartmuseum

In 2009, the Scheepvaartmuseum was given a new courtyard. The glass dome is an eye-catcher and is inspired by the compass lines of an antique map. It took 1200 pieces of glass of different sizes, but the result is great. However, the old foundation could not support the new dome. Therefore, an upgrade was necessary.

Inspections as a basis for our solution

EversPartners made the calculations and drawings for the new foundation. For this purpose, we considered the following questions:

  • How much does the dome weigh? The roof consisted of a steel construction, 1200 pieces of glass and 868 LED lamps on the junctions.
  • What load should we take into account? Weather conditions such as snow and rainwater put an extra load on the roof.
  • What load can the existing foundation withstand?
  • Are the existing monumental walls sufficient to support the glass dome?

Our inspections of the existing foundations and walls showed that they had to be modified, but that the walls were sufficient. We wanted to fit the new foundation into the existing one so that a combined foundation would be created.

From existing to combined foundation

Our chief structural engineer Sjaak van der Sel says: "The challenge was to use the existing structure to achieve the goal." This, of course, requires creativity, technical insight and problem-solving ability from our constructors. With the construction of new piles and the reinforcement of the concrete construction with foundation blocks under the corners, the foundation was sufficient to support the dome.

Dutch Government Buildings Agency

Liesbeth van der Pol  
DOK Architecten

Scheepvaartmuseum Amsterdam

Design canopy
Ney & Partners, Brussel 

Photo credits
Arjen Schmitz

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