Renovation of the Amsterdam Health Centre, breakthroughs in De Drecht Holendrecht

Stadgenoot is an Amsterdam housing corporation that owns approximately 30,000 rental units. More than 5,000 of these housing units are intended for special groups, including this care institution.

De Drecht, acquired from Rochdale in 2009, is a care centre and consists of 328 independent, two-room flats on the ground floor and a meeting place for activities. In 2016, the ground floor underwent a metamorphosis due to the renovation of the health centre (GAZO) with a pharmacy.

Breakthroughs, expansion amd structuaral solutions

Creating a health centre was not a question of moving some walls. Large spaces were needed, for example for the physiotherapy room. The physiotherapists' wishes were "a large, high, open space". A nice challenge for architect Rudy Uytenhaak and partners! In order to realise the design, we had to expand the ground floor, make breakthroughs and lower the foundations. Outside the existing building, in the expansion, we increased the height of the floor. EversPartners calculated and drew the constructions for these modifications in BIM. Working with BIM makes it possible to gain insight into the project faster.

EversPartners as a linchpin between wishes and implementation

A special feature of this collaboration was the collaboration between the health centre, general practitioners and the physiotherapists. Our challenge was to manage and streamline conflicting and sometimes unrealistic wishes and expectations. We succeeded in this: the client, the health centre, general practitioners and physiotherapists are satisfied with the result. And perhaps most importantly: the residents and visitors of De Drecht think it’s a nice place to visit.


Rudy Uytenhaak en partners

Amsterdam Holendrecht, Gezondheidscentrum De Drecht


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