Louise Wenthuis

Renovation of Louise Wenthuis Prins Bernhardplein Amsterdam

On the Prins Bernardplein in Amsterdam there is a complex of 171 small apartments, originally intended for single women. The complex was designed by Margaret Staal-Kropholler: the first female architect in the Netherlands. Meanwhile, the complex is no longer inhabited by just single women and it was time for a renovation. Commissioned by Stadgenoot, we worked on the renovation of the building in chain cooperation. The renovation consisted of a general revitalisation, energy improvements, improvement of the main entrance and attention to the building as the entrance to the city.

Structural calculation and drawing

The architect for this project was Rudy Uytenhaak and partners. EversPartners was responsible for calculating and drawing the structures for the breakthroughs and expansions.

For example, the modest extension of glass and steel: the aim of the architect was to reduce the transparency and increase the privacy in the main entrance. Transparency was also central to the renovation of the one and a half storey lower rear entrance: a transparent facade and a canopy, and the rear entrance is connected to the front by voids. This not only makes the whole thing lighter, clearer and more attractive, but also improves social safety.

Habitable during renovation

During the renovation, the apartments remained inhabited. In order to cause as little inconvenience as possible to the residents, we have divided the renovation in many phases. For example, we demolished the floors for the various voids in parts, so that the residents always had access to the house.

Drawings and calculations in BIM

EversPartners calculated and drew the constructions for these modifications in BIM. Working with BIM makes it possible to gain insight into the project faster.


Rudy Uytenhaak en partners

Prins Bernardplein, Amsterdam


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